Caz McDonagh offers pain therapy in Lewes

Caz McDonagh offers pain therapy in Lewes

About Caz McDonagh

I offer profound, effective and gentle treatments for stress, anxiety, depression, pain and historic trauma (both physical and emotional) in Lewes, East Sussex

I work with adults and children, at home, in the workplace, wherever the treatments are most effective and can bring about positive change in your health and wellbeing.

It's not natural, as a therapist, to talk about yourself. I'm more interested in my clients and how they respond to the treatments I offer. 

The range of distress that responds well to the natural therapies I give is hard to believe, until you experience it yourself, but here are some of the stress related conditions I have been successful in helping 

Recovery from cancer
Deep emotional trauma (including birth trauma)
Shoulder, neck and back pain
Anxiety and depression
Digestive disorders

Whatever you're suffering from, my gentle, holistic treatments may very well be able to help you.

Please get in contact to see if I can help you with whatever troubles you.