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Sacred chanting is a language that our Chakras understand. Our energy centres can become unbalanced as a result of high-pressure lifestyles that lack sufficient spiritual or physical nourishment 

Regular chakra chanting will help release us from an over-preoccupation with our bodies, our relationships and our material concerns

The rebalancing that occurs as a result of group chanting makes us feel more confident, empowered, grounded and therefore more able to realise our own potential for happiness.

As part of the Circle Chanting session Caz will guide everyone through a meditation to set intentions and will offer everyone Deeksha (energy healing) which is specifically intended to enrich consciousness and enable peacefulness

Caz McDonagh offers group chanting sessions in and around Lewes. Contact Caz to find out more about the benefits of Circle Chanting and for information on her next Circle Chanting event in East Sussex.